Dumbing Things Up

Compute Express Link Overview

Part 1


Overview of the specification. Read more …

by ben on Jun 1, 2022

Framebuffer Modifiers Part 1

A Waste of Time and Gates


An overdue post on modifiers. Read more …

by ben on Feb 26, 2021

bwidawsk.net 2.0

How plugins might ruin your project.


Dynamic websites are dead. Static HTML generators are all the rage. As someone who likes to follow all the trends, it was high time to move on. It was a lot of work... Read more …

by ben on Feb 19, 2021

FreeBSD for Thanksgiving

Read more …

by ben on Nov 21, 2018

FreeBSD Work (week #2)

This is ONLY week 2...


As I mentioned two weeks ago, I've transitioned into a new role at Intel. The team is very new and so a lot of my part right now is helping out in organizing the game plan. Read more …

by ben on Jun 15, 2018

i965 Compiler Architecture from 2015

Farewell Graphics


After 8 years of doing graphics driver development in i915, i965, and misc for Intel, I have decided to take on other things. Read more …

by ben on Jun 1, 2018

GEN Graphics and the URB

WTF is a VUE


One of the most important components that goes into a building a 3d scene is a vertex. Read more …

by ben on Sep 13, 2015

A bit on Intel GPU frequency

And a new tool to control it


Some notes on GPU frequency via a new tool. Read more …

by ben on May 8, 2015

OS backtrace with symbol names


Adding backtrace with symbols in an operating system. Read more …

by ben on Oct 21, 2014

Future PPGTT [part 4] (Dynamic page table allocations, 64 bit address space, GPU "mirroring", and yeah, something about relocs too)


GPU mirroring provides a mechanism to have the CPU and the GPU use the same virtual address for the same physical (or IOMMU) page. Read more …

by ben on Jul 19, 2014