Dumbing Things Up

i965 Compiler Architecture from 2015

written by ben on 2018-06-01

I will remain at Intel, and be working on... FreeBSD development. It's a pretty vague gig at the moment, so I'd be happy to hear of areas in FreeBSD that you think are lacking. Primarily I'd like to focus on the kernel, but let me know what you got, and don't say GRAPHICS

Working on graphics has been an extremely rewarding adventure and I wish all the best to my friends and colleagues that continue to push the boundaries. I'll take a moment to remind you where Intel graphics was in 2010 when I started, and you know, if you want to give me some credit for that, I wouldn't mind so much.

With that, I thought I'd dump the last of my graphics blogs in flight. I had a compiler post from 2015 that I never posted because NIR sort of ruined that plan. The text is long gone, but I still have the images I created. Maybe they're useful to someone.

Open the SVG to remove the WIP

Taste the rainbow

Compilation and Linking

data transformation through compilation