i915 command submission via gem_exec_nop


EDIT1 (2014-07-12): Apologies to planets for update. Change b->B (bits to bytes) in the state walkthrough (thanks to Bernard Kilarski) Convert SVG images to PNG because they weren’t being rendered properly. Added TOC Use new style footnotes NOTE: With command parser merged, and execlists on the way – this post is already somewhat outdated. Disclaimer: Everything […]

i915.ko authors, by the numbers

Because of some event I cannot remember, I was curious to see which developers had how many lines of code. It turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought (mostly because of Unicode). Here is the top 10 from the very latest drm-intel-nightly. >./count_i915.py drivers/gpu/drm/i915/ total lines counted: 67417 (compare with git […]

Bailing on FOSDEM2013

I’m sick. I feel sick. I have a fever (mild), a cough which won’t quit, and am achy. It should be simple, right? I cancel my trip. Then why did the decision bring so much agony? It’s not a business trip. I have no obligation to anyone to be there. The only non-refundable part is the […]