Eating my own dogfood – dynamic page table allocations

I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten my own dogfood that smells this risky.

A few days ago, I published patches to support dynamic page table allocation and tear-down in the i915 driver This work will eventually help us support expanded page tables (similar to how things work for normal Linux page tables). The patches rely on using full PPGTT support, which still requires some work to get enabled by default. As a result, I’ll be carrying around this work for quite a while. The patches provide a lot of opportunity to uncover all sorts of weird bugs we’ve never seen due to the more stressful usage of the GPU’s TLBs. To avoid the patches getting too stale, and to further the bug extermination, I’ve figured, why not run it myself?

If you feel like some serious pain, or just want to help me debug it, give it a go – there should be absolutely no visible gain for you, only harm. You can either grab the patches from the mailing list, patchwork, or my branch.  Make sure to turn on full PPGTT support with i915.enable_ppgtt=2. If you do decide to opt for the pain, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re helping get the next big piece of prep work in place.

The question is, how long before I get sick of this terrible dogfood? I’m thinking by Monday I’ll be finished 😀

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